Friday, May 29, 2015

Free Call Anywhere

Free Call Anywhere is the only app on the Play Store that provides free calls & text to both phone numbers and other Free Call Anywhere users. Enjoy with friends for HD quality free calls, walkie-talkie, and multimedia messages together.
Free Call Anywhere is packed with features:
- Free calls and text to anywhere
- Free calls and text to any other Free Call Anywhere users world wide
- High-quality voice calls
- Live walkie talkie with friends
- Multimedia messages
- Set your favorite wallpapers
You guessed it; texting is totally free and unlimited, even picture messages!
Free Call Anywhere is the free messenger that gives you a real US phone number so you can text or call anyone or any group, even if they don’t have the app. Free Call Anywhere uses your data or WiFi connection to keep you in touch with friends and family all over the globe—and with features like group messaging, picture messaging, international calling & texting, and voicemail, it’s the only messaging app you’ll ever need. All for free.
More features coming soon... Stay tuned!


Wednesday, May 27, 2015



WIFI HOTSPOT CONNECT application helps you to connect automatically to open WiFi networks. WiFi AutoConnect fills the identification form with your id and submit the form as soon as your device connects to a configured WiFi network.

Whether you are traveling, grabbing wifi analyzer free lunch at a local coffee shop or working from your couch at home, you can access the Internet by connecting to a Wi-Fi hotspot. Wi-Fi hotspots are created and wifi speed test by broadcasting a shared Internet connection from a can use wifi calling to your friends. Computers located within a radius of up to 300 feet of the router can typically access its Wi-Fi connection, depending on topographical and weather conditions. To connect your computer to a Wi-Fi hotspot, the computer must have a wireless adapter
note: Please note that this app will only show you available networks if there is any. It doesn't connect to secured network. It takes care of only open wifi networks in your area.
Here comes the Wi Fi Buddy Android application which is an easy yet functional for connecting/scanning through your Wi Fi network. As we go through this application it’s just the work around with few things and remaining is just linked up with the stock Android options. But this application is wit the automatic scanning for the access point and direct connection to open networks are its strength.Wifi Hotspot and wifi calling logs on your Android cell phone contect with your friend on Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn pinterest Chat instagram automatically to Wi-Fi hotspots by saving your username and password and sending it to the hotspot provider when needed. No more remembering and retyping your username and wifi password every time: just launch Easy Connect Wifi Hotspot and you're connected. It replaces the built in system and works with many hotspots that the built in system fails with.
Unlike your Stock Android which requires you to manually go through the available Wi Fi connections, this application automatically connects you to the available open networks and when you have more than one available open networks 
connection, it automatically connects to the best with higher speed and reception strength is good.

Internet 4G SpeedTest

Internet 4G SpeedTest

How fast is your wifi or cellular internet connection? Download the FREE Internet 4G SpeedTest app and measure download and upload speeds on the go with your smartphone or tablet.
Now test your cellular connection or the performance of your wireless network based on a DSL or cable internet connection. Find out the quality of your mobile internet flat or DSL flatrate in terms of available bandwidth.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Ram Booster 2014

"Ram Booster 2014" is android utility application that can increase the performance of your Android device by increasing the about of free memory or RAM available. This application is quick and easy to use. Simply open the app and tap on the large boost button to free up memory on your device. RAM Booster is an app that every Android device should have installed. In some cases it can even clear up 50% or more of the available RAM on your device. RAM booster goes through your phone and cleans up your system memory, increasing the performance of your phone or tablet, and improving your battery life. And the best part is, it is totally free!
You will find all application services will less restarting, less reloading, and more responsive than before.
Unlike other applications do, this RAM Booster 2014 App will not change the low memory killer setting, will not clean up RAM, etc. but this RAM Booster will manage RAM process for better RAM management.

RAM Booster can make games on your phone run faster by clearing up resource draining applications. Is your Android device starting to feel sluggish? Then slug some power back into it with RAM Booster 2014! You should always keep your system memory clean.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions on how to make the app better. This free memory boosting app is for you guys! Thanks for trying RAM Booster 2014!

1. Tap RAM Booster
2. Full Memory Statistics
3. Check Tasks by yourself
4. Clean Tasks
5. Information about your internal memory Info
6. Information about your external memory Info

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Antivirus and Mobile Security

You do not know how to download antivirus software? This program helps and do not worry!

The Best Antivirus Software

Our best free antivirus round-up has been fully updated.
Anyone who has been following the news about the Heartbleed Bug – a vulnerability in OpenSSL that enables hackers to gain access to the memory of web servers – understands just how dangerous the web can be. In addition to security flaws like Heartbleed, viruses, spyware and phishing sites make it possible for hackers to expose crucial data. To ensure better protection, every PC owner needs effective, reliable antivirus software. Unfortunately, this can be expensive, especially given the cost of annual updates.
However, there are plenty of free antivirus software solutions on the market, many of which are just as capable as their commercial cousins. So if you're tired of annual subscriptions, read on - we've picked out nine of the best free internet security tools to deliver great security at no cost.

An indispensable application for all computer users, it is. Antivirus (Antivirus), if any of these programs. Our computer, it could become a breeding ground for viruses, malware, spyware, and other important data files on your computer, send it to us damaged or lost was worst erased from the device. Of course, the best choice of preventing and solving this problem is to install an antivirus program itself. The good news is that current antivirus quality and selection, and multiple applications. Inexpensive compared to the security to be gained from the program. Some of them are free applications (high performance), some in the free trial.

This app is 100% FREE!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

mobile tracking number

Mobile Tracker with name and address
there are many tricks for trace mobile number in India and also in world wide, I sharing one of best tool which are provide you latest also updated Mobile owner Name address and city state and country. If you search on net you will find many tools of trace any mobile or phone number, But we don't know there result means that's true or not.. But we are sharing some special tools which are highest used by people also most searched on net so we thanks its give you better result from another.

How to Trace  Mobile number
always we get any unknown miss call or sms on our phone, They will be fake and they also hide there ID than you can't get there id, If you wanna know there means unknown or fake number id location, Than you must use our this below tips tricks for How to trace any mobile phone number easily.

antivirus for android mobile

Best antivirus for androids mobile

This app is 100% FREE!

Protect your Android phone and tablet with our free mobile security app.

The idea of installing security software on an Android smartphone might seem like overkill, but there are plenty of good reasons to consider doing so.

Anyone – fraudsters included – can submit apps to the Google Play Store without pre-approval, and apps can also be downloaded and installed from a wide range of other sources. That means Android users face a greater element of risk than those with iPhones or Windows Phone handsets, who can only install apps that have been properly pre-vetted for safety.