Thursday, May 15, 2014

Clear RAM Memory

Clear RAM Memory

Android is everywhere! From Smart-phone to tablets, all devices prefer to go for the Android operating system as a platform. Android adds all great features under one roof, any sort of game or application first tries to get compatible with Android. The Android operating system is getting popular day-by-day. Working on Android gives great pleasure, but this pleasure turns into frustration when your phone memory causes issues. Memory issue, Isn’t a big question? Storage space can be increased, but what about RAM? Increasing RAM space can’t be possible, as this space comes in-built with your Smart-phone. We expect our Smart-phone to be Smart on each step, but low performance can affect a lot on Smart-phone. If your Smart-phone is facing low RAM space issue, you can’t play games with heavy graphics or applications that use much space. Clearing RAM will helps you to make your phone run faster.

This app is about to clear phone RAM memory.
User can clean particular selected application memory.
Its not Task killer or not kill any services or not effect your other apps, Its just clean Your RAM.
Clean RAM memory clean unnecessary memory usage and speedup your device.
Application Feature
- Speed up your phone
- Clean unnecessary memory
- Simple UI, easy to use
- Progressive RAM implementation
- It's Free
New Additional Features
- We add single tap RAM Memory cleaner widget. You can find it in your App widget.
- We add auto RAM memory Cleaner,
-It’s automatically remove bulk when your RAM heavily loaded.
-When available RAM Memory left less then 10% its clean RAM Memory and speedup your phone

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