Sunday, June 1, 2014

10 Android applications using common tools

10 Android applications using common tools considered routine. Whether it be to shift to a more apps air before the series comes to mind.

1. AirDroid
Them - Transfer files . Between our mobile to PC without using cables. Principles of AirDroid is - Transfer files over Wi-Fi networks , which you can access the information. Within a wide range of images, videos, documents, and messages. And also a secure https connection as well.

And a giveaway that is an extension of the AirDroid Tools Task, a local data file .

2. Barcode Scanner
Using barcode scanning apps for practicality. Available in both Stick a barcode or QR Code.

3. Circle Battery Widget
Widgets for charge indicator . Form a line along the middle circle .

4. Clipper
With enhanced efficiency By Apple , this will help to keep each copy clipboard data. With the ability to see Clipboard dating back to 20 's .

5. Dropbox
Tools for data integration Between computers and devices with the Dropbox mobile app, Android will not store the actual data. But it shows a list of data. To use the file should I need to download the file into your computer first .

6. Feedly
App to read news feeds from Feed ( both RSS and Atom) original use Google Reader , but after the announcement of dissolution apps Feedly also proposes an alternative Google Reader , so that people like reading through. Feed systems are still keep the same.

7. Photo Editor
Retouching tool That has more features than the standard decoration attached to the Gallery as a thumbnail image. Writing text on images, etc.

8. Power Toggles
Widgets for access to the customization of the Android system , such as the opening - Wi-Fi, Mobile Internet (3G), - turn off sound, vibration and many others.

9. Keep
Register or paper That can merge data between computers And devices using a Gmail account, is centered. We can choose the color of the paper . And generate an alert with time. The warning on the defined area .

10. SleepBot
Intelligent Clock To monitor sleep. And upon awakening in the proper range . The bed can also be used to record history . And recording sleep with.

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